In 1905, native Hoosiers George Ade, John T. McCutcheon and Edward M. Holloway came to Chicago to seek their fortunes. That same year, they founded the Indiana Society of Chicago along with 44 other Hoosiers as charter members, with the goal of celebrating the uniqueness of being a Hoosier.

Over the last 109 years, the Society has continuously grown in membership to include some of the most prestigious and successful men and women in the great State of Indiana.

The mission of the Indiana Society of Chicago is…

Celebrate the unique condition in this world of being a Hoosier, native or adopted, and encourage the camaraderie of such loyal, kindred spirit
Reach out to and support the institutions and citizens of the State of Indiana and honor their talents and accomplishments.
Promote understanding of Indiana’s rich history and recognition of its significant place in the history of the United States.
Celebrate life, and its values true to the spirit and traditions of our illustrious founders and thereby strive to keep ourselves in harmony and balance through kindly irreverence, unapologetic fun seeking and sharing – and unabashed, unrelenting praise for our Indiana, given full expression at our Annual Dinner.

Become part of Hoosier history in the windy city.

Join an elite group of leaders to celebrating the rich history and accomplishments from Indiana.